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Tâpwêwin “great and careful consideration”: National Indigenous Diabetes Association Research Protocol

Throughout 2019, NIDA worked closely with a team of graduate students in the Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) in Indigenous Development at the University of Winnipeg to develop research protocols that respond to NIDA’s needs when entering health research partnerships.

We would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of MDP students Taylor Wilson, Ashley Saulog, Nontokozo Ndlovu, and Rachel Kalaba.

The title of this framework, Tâpwêwin, was chosen for two reasons. The first reason was based in its translation. Tâpwêwin is a Cree word meaning “speaking the truth” or “speaking with precision and accuracy”. The tangible part of this framework is its application process, designed to help NIDA determine whether a partnership with interested researchers would be of benefit to Indigenous Peoples and themselves. This application process requires researchers to be as transparent and honest as possible – speaking the truth. They are held accountable to their word as put out in the application through the Partnership Agreement. The second reason Tâpwêwin was chosen was in its context. The word is often spoken in relation to treaties or partnerships. When treaties are signed, signatories are obligated to speak with Tâpwêwin. This allows them to discuss the treaties with great and careful consideration. The use of Tâpwêwin implies that the partnership between NIDA and researchers are ones that are made with great and careful consideration.

This protocol was designed for the purpose of clarity of priorities that the National Indigenous Diabetes Association (NIDA) has in potential research partnerships. This protocol includes an overview of NIDA’s history and current priorities when working with Indigenous communities. It will outline the Tâpwêwin Research Partnership Framework including the Decision-Making Wheel teachings that are the guiding values, and the appendices – Pre-Screen, Application Review, and the Partnership Agreement that the applicants must complete and send to NIDA for them make a careful consideration.

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Tâpwêwin: NIDA Research Protocol PDF

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