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Diabetes Management & Support Resources

Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat of PEI

The Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat offers a centralized point of contact for First Nations,  Aboriginal organizations, and government departments in Prince Edward Island. The Secretariat’s main role is to manage and coordinate government activities related to Aboriginal Affairs and to provide a means by which to promote inter-departmental communication and cooperation on governmental matters and issues of public interest.  Tel: (902) 368-6895. click here for link

Government of Prince Edward Island

This government website has a wealth of health resources on healthy living and leading a healthier lifestyle. The information is relevant to both health care professionals and Aboriginal people living with diabetes.

Government of PEI—Department of Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness is overseen by a Minister of the Crown who is accountable for departmental performance and providing results to the rest of the government and to the citizens of the province. One of the roles of the department is to provide leadership in maintaining and improving the health and well-being of PEI citizens.

Community Resource Guide —Services for Those Living with Diabetes

This guide provides information about diabetes and diabetes specific services in PEI available to those living with diabetes and those who are at risk of getting diabetes.

Diabetes Strategy of Prince Edward Island

The PEI Diabetes Strategy for 2014-2017 focuses on three overarching priority areas identified by key stakeholders: enhanced prevention, detection and management of diabetes. The strategy provides a high level road map for diabetes care in PEI.

Health PEI

Health PEI is responsible for the operation and delivery of publicly funded health services in Prince Edward Island. The creation of Health PEI in July 2010 was a major step towards realizing a One Island Health System that can provide Islanders with the right care, by the right provider, in the right place. Since then Health PEI has worked to improve access to safe, quality health care for all Islanders.  Tel: (902) 368-6130.

Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI

This website offers a wealth of information on diabetes programs and services offered to the members of PEI First Nations living on and off reserve.  Toll-Free: 1-877-884-0808.

Mi’kmaq Family Resource Centre

The centre provides critical resources to families and is sponsored by the Aboriginal Women’s Association of Prince Edward Island and is funded by the Community Action Program for Children and the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program through Public Health Agency of Canada, in agreement with the Province of Prince Edward Island.  Tel: (902) 892-0928.

Native Council of Prince Edward Island

The council offers information and resources on diabetes prevention and management as well as healthy living practices to prevent or manage type 2 diabetes.

PEI Family Resource Centres

The Family Resource Centres across Prince Edward Island offer programs for children and families including parent education and support groups, parent resources, prenatal nutrition programs, drop-in play, toy-lending libraries, and outreach for smaller Island communities.  Tel: (902) 438-4130.

Provincial Diabetes Program

The Provincial Diabetes Program of Prince Edward Island provides leadership and expertise in diabetes to maintain or enhance the quality of life for people affected by this disease.

Prince Edward Island Diabetes Trends

This is a very interesting on-line document outlining diabetes trends and statistics in the province.

Prince Edward Island Strategy for Healthy Living

This document represents a significant amount of consultation undertaken to address the development, implementation and evaluation of a 5-year comprehensive strategy for healthy living. Chronic disease is the major cause of death in PEI, as well as a contributor to hospitalization and reduction in quality and length of life.

Active Living Alliance of PEI

The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability is a national network that was created in 1989 to motivate and assist Canadians with a disability to become more physically active. While an active lifestyle is important for all Canadians, it is particularly important for those with a disability. Research has demonstrated that active individuals can enjoy better overall health, improved quality of life, elevated self-esteem, prolonged independent living and increased mobility in later life.  Tel: (613) 244-0052.

Aboriginal Sport Circle of PEI (ASPEI)

ASCPEI’s mandate is to increase grassroots participation in sport and recreation for First Nations on Prince Edward Island and to help improve the health of this group through appropriate and effective health promotion activities. ASCPEI also offers technical advice on sport programs in First Nation communities.  Tel: (902) 436-5101.

Cycling PEI

Cycling PEI provides education and leadership that contributes to a vibrant and healthy cycling experience in the province. Cycling is a great physical activity that is beneficial for the well-being of Islanders.

Physical Activity, Nutrition, Healthy Weights

PEI Food Security Network

The PEI Food Security Network is an education and action based organization committed to achieving food security in Prince Edward Island for all citizens.


Go! PEI is a community-based healthy living program that offers free physical activity and healthy eating programs for Islanders across PEI. Go! PEI is designed around providing information and support all Islanders in making simple changes to their lifestyle to improve their overall health and quality of life.

Nutrition Section of Provincial Diabetes Program

This resource contains information on nutrition with a focus on label reading, fibre consumption, cholesterol management and much more.

PEI Dietitians Registration Board

The PEI Dietitians Registration Board is the regulatory body for dietitians in PEI. Provincial legislation authorizes the PEI Dietitians Registration Board to engage in registration, quality assurance, and when necessary, the discipline of dietitians in PEI to ensure safe, ethical and competent dietetic practice.

PEI Flavours

PEI Flavours helps people to easily recognize local food products. PEI Flavours connects growers, producers, processors, chefs, restaurants, tourism operators and other culinary industry stakeholders through a single, united voice.  Tel: (902) 368-6208.

PEI Roadrunners

The PEI Roadrunners Club is an organization whose objective is to promote and encourage running as a sport and healthy exercise.

Recreation PEI

Recreation PEI is a volunteer, not-for-profit, provincial association dedicated to promoting, coordinating and encouraging all facets of recreation, physical activity and facility management in Prince Edward Island. They encourage the increase of physical activity and recreation in many settings in order to ensure the health of the Islanders.  Tel: (902) 892-6445.

Sport PEI

Sport PEI is a not-for-profit sport federation under the guidance of a volunteer Board of Directors and professional staff, representing more than 50 member sport organizations within Prince Edward Island.  Tel: (902) 368-4110.

Canadian Mental Health Association of PEI

CMHA PEI’s mission is to promote the mental health of all persons on the Island by enabling individuals, groups and communities to increase control over and enhance their mental health. To carry out this mission, CMHA PEI provides programs and services, education and information, research, advocacy and the development of social policy.  Tel: (902) 566-3034.

Capital Health Renal Program

The Capital Health Renal Program provides care to patients with kidney disease within the Capital Health as well as other health districts in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Tel: (902) 473-7545.

Tobacco, Smoking & Diabetes, Mental Health, Foot Care, Kidney Health, Healthy Heart

Lung Association of PEI

The PEI Lung Association is a community-based, charitable organization committed to assisting Islanders to promote, improve, and participate in their lung health through education, advocacy and research.  Tel: (902) 892-5957, Toll-Free in PEI only: 1-888-566-LUNG (5864).

Diabetes Foot Care Canada

This organization presents a number of resources and services available for people with foot care complications as a result of living with diabetes.  Tel: (416) 485-2292.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of PEI

The foundation envisions healthier lives free of heart disease and stroke by supporting prevention activities, saving lives and promoting recovery from heart disease and stroke.  Tel: (902) 892-7441.

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