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Diabetes Management & Support Resources

Alberta Health Advocates

Alberta’s health system is complex and people don’t always find the kind of care they are looking for. The office of Alberta Health Advocates brings together Alberta’s Mental Health Patient Advocate and the new Health Advocate and Seniors’ Advocate. It’s a place where Albertans can come for advice and help in dealing with an issue of various health conditions.  Tel: (780) 422-1812.

Alberta Diabetes Foundation (ADF)

ADF is devoted to raising money for diabetes research. Through their fundraising efforts, they directly support scientific research which yields extremely positive results. To date, ADF has raised over $ 11.8 million in support of cure-related diabetes research.  Tel: (780) 492-6537, Toll-Free: 1-800-563-2450.  click here for link

Alberta Diabetes Institute

The Alberta Diabetes Institute is a research facility dedicated to discovering new methods to prevent, treat, and cure diabetes through scientific excellence and teamwork.

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services provides information on health services in Alberta as well as various resources and chronic disease management tools.

Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

Alberta Innovates Health Solutions supports top-quality, internationally competitive health research. This research seeks to further the understanding of health and disease, and to produce results that will make a difference to the health, economy and societal well-being of Albertans and people around the world.  Tel: (780) 423-5727, Toll-Free: 1-877-423-5727.

Athabasca Tribal Council Health Division

The Athabasca Tribal Council Health Division works with First Nation members in the following health programs: Medical Transportation, Aboriginal Interpreting/Liaison, Indian Residential School Support, Aboriginal Health Transition Fund Programs, and General Health services.  Tel: (204) 780-791-6538.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA)

CPSA regulates the practice of medicine in Alberta. The privilege of self-regulation is granted through Alberta’s Health Professions Act (HPA). This website is especially helpful for aspiring future health care professionals.  Tel: (780) 423-4764.

Canadian Institute for Health Information

The Canadian Institute for Health Information provides a series of interactive websites designed for different audiences to help them understand how well Canada’s health system is performing in each province including Alberta.

Kehewin Health Services (KHS)

KHS provides access to the Health Nurse-in-Charge, Community Health Representatives, Medical Transportation, Dental Hygienists and other qualified professionals. Further, memberships utilize the services from a variety of medical physicians, opticians, dentists and emergency services surrounding the community as well as specialised health care professionals in other urban areas.  Tel: (780) 826-3333.

Health Link Alberta

Health Link Alberta provides health advice and information through a toll-free to all Albertan’s. Access is 24 hours, 7 days a week and support is provided by experienced registered nurses and other health care professionals.  Toll-Free: 811.

Little Red River First Nation Health Department

The health department of Little Red River First Nation raises community health status through high quality health services and programs offered according to local priorities and needs.  Tel: (780) 759-3912. click here for link

Maskwacis Health Services

The Maskwacis Health Board, with the support of the Maskwacis leadership, competent staff and adequate financial resources, will apply the medicine chest clause to provide the highest quality health care services to the Maskwacis Peoples.  Tel: (780) 585-3830.

My Health Alberta

My Health Alberta is a Government of Alberta initiative in partnership with Alberta Health Services. The information and tools you will find on My Health Alberta were developed in consultation with health care professionals, and Albertan’s like you. The goal is to create a single place for you to go for health information and useful health tools—a site that is made in Alberta for Albertan’s.

NECHI Training, Research & Health Promotion Institute

The NECHI Training, Research and Health Promotion Institute offers specialized training to addictions counsellors working in Indigenous communities. Our teaching model applies theory to practice through role-playing, experiential learning and group work.  Tel: (780) 459-1884, Toll-Free: 1-800-459-1884.

Siksika Health Services

Siksika Health Services has various health care professionals and competent staff to help provide services to those in need including Aboriginal people living with diabetes.  Tel: (403) 734-5686.  click here for link

Alberta Centre for Active Living

The Alberta Centre for Active Living is a key advocate of physical activity and physical activity expertise as well as a primary source of research and education on physical activity for practitioners, organizations, and decision-makers. The Centre’s mandate is to improve the health and quality of life for all people through physical activity. This website has a number of useful physical activity resources translated in many different languages including a Physical Activity Counselling Toolkit for practitioners.  Tel: (780) 427-6949.

Alberta Future Leaders Program

This program is for selected communities throughout Alberta and is operated by the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks, and Wildlife Foundation.

Canadian Obesity Network (CON) – University of Alberta

The mission of CON is to act as a catalyst for addressing obesity in Canada and to foster knowledge translation, capacity building, and partnerships among stakeholders so that researchers, health care professionals, policy makers and other interested parties may develop effective solutions to treat, and to prevent obesity.  Tel: (780) 492-8361.

Physical Activity, Nutrition, Healthy Weights

Edmonton Sport Council

The Edmonton Sport Council is a not-for-profit society, serving and representing the Edmonton community that strengthens sport and facilitates a better sport environment in the province.  Tel: (780) 497-7678.

Healthy U

Healthy U was developed as a public information and education campaign to support and encourage Albertan’s to lead healthier lifestyles by providing them with access to information on healthy eating and active living. This resource will introduce you to the programs, events and resources provided to the province of Alberta by Healthy U.

Indigenous Sport Council – Alberta (ISC)

ISC Alberta views sport and recreational activity as an integral part of the Indigenous communities’ health and wellness model. Sport and physical activity promotes positive lifestyles, develops individual life-skills, encourages youth leadership, and reinforces family and cultural values.  Tel: (403) 202-6539.

InMotion Network Alberta

InMotion Network is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting physical activity for girls and women in Alberta.  Tel: (780) 644-5613.

Provincial Fitness Unit of Alberta

The Provincial Fitness Unit is Alberta’s longest-standing not-for-profit organization. They work at the grass roots to promote healthy, active lifestyles for all Albertans.  Established in 1982, they opened Canada’s first Fitness Appraisal Centre and worked to develop provincial and national partnerships to support active living.  Tel: (780) 492-4435, Toll-Free: 1-866-FIT-UNIT.

Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre

The centre is a great resource for Aboriginal people living in Alberta. The centre provides a variety of programming to enhance quality of life. The programs include foot care and promotion of active healthy lifestyles.

Kidney Foundation of Canada, Northern Alberta

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to patient services, public education, organ donation awareness and communications. They offer a range of services that includes information and referral, educational materials, practical assistance and short-term, emergency financial support.  Tel: (780) 451-6900, Toll-Free: 1-800-461-9063.

Active Airdrie

The goal of the program is to promote active living and to get more citizens physically active. They encourage and promote activities that support a healthier lifestyle.

Alberta Tobacco Reduction Strategy 2012-2022

The strategy outlines a long range plan to help Albertans avoid and quit using tobacco products in the next 10 years.

College of Podiatric Physicians of Alberta

The program provides comprehensive information on podiatry in Alberta and assists in finding foot care services from a licensed podiatrist. Ample information is provided for Aboriginal people living with diabetes with tips and recommendations for preventing foot complications while living with this disease.

Tobacco, Smoking & Diabetes, Mental Health, Foot Care, Kidney Health, Healthy Heart

YMCA of Northern Alberta

YMCA of Northern Alberta creates life-enhancing opportunities for the growth and development of all people in spirit, mind, and body. YMCA of Northern Alberta pays special attention to improving cardiovascular health of the citizens of Alberta.

My Mental Health—Canadian Mental Health Association

The primary goal of the My Mental Health campaign is to increase awareness of mental illness to eliminate the misconceptions surrounding it. Perceptions about mental illnesses need to be changed. Stereotypes given to those living with a mental illness can be debilitating. With misconceptions removed, those who need help will be better able to reach out for it.  Tel: (780) 482-6576.

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