Stepping Stones – Think, Talk and Do Diabetes Differently in Indigenous Communities A three-part virtual workshop series by IDEA Diabetes

Now accepting registrations for Stepping Stone 1: Spark Interest, Build Trust and Inspire Hope

A 3-day starter workshop for people involved in healthcare and health leadership in Indigenous communities that is designed for connection with others and sharing ideas. To ignite interest in a different way to think, talk, and do diabetes, based upon a foundation of hope, empowerment, and equity. Participants will be inspired over the three days to consider the possibilities for people with diabetes and how each one of us can make a difference. Participants will engage in a workshop that sparks hope and brings to life the possibilities for people with diabetes in their communities.

Learning objectives:
• Consider a community based approach to diabetes prevention and screening, for the faces yet to come
• Brainstorm current community assets and build bridges to address current gaps
• Discuss community-based approaches to keeping the blood flowing including traditional approaches (traditional foods, traditional medicines, and cultural activities)
• Apply the role of empowerment and inspire hope in the possibilities
• Learn about current state of the art tools and technologies available today for diabetes self-management
• Discuss the many influences on individual and societal relationships with food and ways to support a joyful and comfortable approach to food for diabetes
• Draw on your own experiences to create options for optimal diabetes care
• Learn why current approaches to diabetes care perpetuate the acute/medical care model and how to change this approach
• Improve diabetes knowledge and practical application skills for the real world
• Develop a plan to begin using new skills when you return to work

Three virtual fall offerings September 19-21, October 17-19, or December 5-7th
Cost: $699 +tax/participant

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