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Diabetes Management & Support Resources

At the Tipping Point: Diabetes in the Northwest Territories

This report provides much needed statistics on diabetes and outlines best practices in the Northwest Territories. It is a very good source of information for health care professionals and researchers.

Department of Health and Social Services

The Department of Health and Social Services contains links to various health websites and resources as well as information on chronic disease such as diabetes.

Government of Northwest Territories

This resource provides information and resources regarding general health and accessing health services in the Northwest Territories.  GNWT Switchboard: (867) 873-7500.

Caring for Our People

This resource provides information on how the health and social services system is moving from multiple, regional health and social services authorities to an integrated system with regional representation and input.

Canadian Institute for Health Information

The Canadian Institute for Health Information provides a series of interactive websites designed for different audiences to help them understand how well Canada’s health system is performing in each province.

NWT Health Authorities

This resource provides information on regional health authorities and services in areas which they cover.

Arctic Winter Games (AWG)

AWG is a primary organization responsible for organizing competitive games in Canada’s north.

Drop the Pop – Northwest Territories

The Drop the Pop Campaign encourages students and their families to consume healthier beverages and foods, learn new skills and knowledge for healthy eating, and to promote long-term healthier food intakes that maintain and improve overall well-being, and prevent obesity and chronic diseases later in life.  Tel: (867) 873-7925.

Institute for Circumpolar Health Research (ICHR)

ICHR focuses specifically on bringing people, facilities, and resources to bear on health-related research in the Northwest Territories, as well as on raising health and wellness issues throughout the region’s communities and the broader circumpolar world.  Tel: (867) 873-9337.

Physical Activity, Nutrition, Healthy Weights

 Get Active NWT

Get Active NWT is a program that encourages people to be more physically active by organizing or participating in local fun and enjoyable events. Community organizations can apply for small grants to organize and deliver physical activity events in their communities. The application form can be downloaded from the website below.  Tel: (867) 873-7757.

Food First Foundation

The Food First Foundation is a registered charity whose mission is to support nutrition education programs in schools with the goal to encourage a healthier population of children and youth for future generations.  Tel: (867) 444-8330, (867) 446-3785.

NWT Sport and Recreation Council

This is an important organization in the Northwest Territories with the goal to increase physical activity among Northern residents as a means to combat chronic disease such as diabetes.  Tel: (867) 669-8383.

Sport North

Sport North represents the territorial sport organizations of the Northwest Territories. They are dedicated to the development of sport at every level of participation.  Tel: (867) 669-8326.

YWCA Yellowknife

YWCA Yellowknife builds safe and equitable communities where women, families and people living with disabilities and/or chronic disease can realize their full potential.  Tel: (867) 920-2777.

Tobacco, Smoking & Diabetes, Mental Health, Foot Care, Kidney Health, Healthy Heart

Our Ancestors Never Smoked

This resource contains Elders’ reflections about how tobacco has affected many Inuit communities and what can be done about it.

A Shared Path Towards Wellness

This resource is a mental health and addictions action plan for the Northwest Territories for the years 2012-2015.

Patient Education Booklet Assembly Instructions

This resource consists of 4 pages of sketches that, when assembled properly, will create a booklet with proper foot care information and instructions.

Northwest Territories Health Status Report

This resource provides information about the state of people’s well-being within the Northwest Territories population. The information contained in the report is intended for use by researchers, decision makers, NGOs, and general public. 

Elders in Motion Training Gathering Program

The Elders in Motion Training Gathering Program brings together elders, recreation leaders, health care professionals, volunteers, youth and others interested in the physical fitness and well-being of older adults.  Tel: (867) 669-8375.

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Our apologies, we will advise if this webinar will be reschedule. Thank you for your interest.

The NADA & IDHC webinars are back in action!

Please join us for the next National Aboriginal Diabetes Association and Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle webinar on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at 12:00PM central.

This webinar will feature T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss, known as “The Indigenous Plant Diva”. T’uy’t’tanat is from the Squamish First Nation and is a media artist, cultural facilitator, and ethno-botanist, traditionally trained in this field by Elders. Her work involves site-specific and culturally focused teaching with storytelling as her means to sharing knowledge. T’uy’t’tanat was named the 2018 Indigenous storyteller in residence at the Vancouver Public Library, and is known for her ‘plant walks’ in Stanley Park. Cease Wyss and Anne Riley are embarking on a City of Vancouver public art collaboration to remediate various sites around the city that are affected by toxins in different ways, using plants, mulch and myco-remediation techniques and Indigenous methods of sustainable agriculture.

T’uy’t’tanat grew up learning about the plant foods and medicines of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Living in the city of Vancouver, T’uy’t’tanat is used to practising her culture in an urban environment; growing, harvesting and teaching about the Indigenous plants of this rainforest ecosystem, and offers a beautiful vision of how to learn from the land and the plant teachers all around us. T’uy’t’tanat will share her knowledge of plants – both food and medicinal plants of the Pacific Northwest coast. T’uy’t’tanat started Harmony Garden with the guidance and feedback of her Elders. It is a community garden and food forest, with the aim of sustaining the Skwxwu7mesh people in the community. Located on the Xwemelch'stn Uximixw, also known as the Capilano Reserve, T’uy’t’tanat urges community members to participate in the land based learning that happens there. "I do it all for the children. They are our future." To register for the webinar, please visit the following link:
  • OCN! Please join us for National Aboriginal Diabetes Awareness Day on May 3 2019!
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  • May 3rd is National Aboriginal Diabetes Awareness Day!

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