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Diabetes Management & Support Resources

Bringing Youth Towards Equality (BYTE)

BYTE began to surface out of Yukon’s need to have an organization with youth ideas, plans, and initiatives at its core. BYTE unites and strengthens youths to take action and bring about a positive change for the well -being of everyone.  Tel: (867) 667-7975.  www.yukonyouth.com

Champagne & Aishihik First Nations

The Health and Social Department of Champagne & Aishihik First Nations provides a wide range of services and programs for community members including diabetes and chronic disease prevention and management support.  Hanes Junction Tel: (867) 634-4200, Whitehorse Tel: (867) 456-6888.  www.cafn.ca/health

Chronic Conditions Support Program

The program assists doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in working together with patients to achieve the best possible care in diabetes and other chronic diseases.  Tel: (867) 393-7487.  http://www.hss.gov.yk.ca/ccsp.php

Chronic Diseases & Disability Benefits Program

Chronic Disease and Disability Benefits Program provides advocacy and benefits for Yukon residents who have a chronic disease or a serious functional disability.  Tel: (867) 667-5092, Toll-Free: 1-800-661-0408, local 5092 (Yukon only).  http://www.hss.gov.yk.ca/chronicdisease.php?WT.mc_id=ygps028

Diabetes Education Centre

The Yukon Diabetes Education Centre provides individual outpatient appointments and group sessions. They also provide teaching and ongoing support to adults diagnosed with diabetes, including persons diagnosed with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.  Tel: (867) 393-8711.  Website: http://bit.ly/1dGCYcm

D-Chat Diabetes Peer Mentoring Program

The Canadian Diabetes Association’s D-Chat program is a free and confidential personal mentor program available for people in British Columbia and Yukon communities. D-Chat is an empowering program and tool that goes beyond the basics and gets participants onto the right path towards healthy living.  Toll-Free: 1-800-BANTING (226-8464).  http://bit.ly/1AyxDve

Diabetes in the Yukon

This website has been developed by the Diabetes Reference Group to coordinate and provide local information about diabetes as well as inform the residents of Yukon about available diabetes services and resources.  http://www.yukondiabetes.ca

First Nations Health Programs—Yukon Hospital Corporation

The hospital offers various diabetes related services such as nutrition counselling, physical activity advice, diabetes management and treatment plans.  Tel: (867) 393–8758.  http://www.yukonhospitals.ca/firstnationhealthprogram/

Healthier U

Healthier U provides various resources and information on how to keep a human body healthy. This specific resource provides information on how to make healthier choices when it comes to living a healthier life.  Toll-Free: 1-877-YK STYLE (1-877-957-8953).  http://www.bettertoknow.yk.ca/healthieru

Yukon Community Health Centres

This website provides information and listing of health centres based out of Yukon.  http://www.hss.gov.yk.ca/healthcentres.php

Yukon Diabetes Resource Guide

This diabetes resource guide was put together by the Diabetes Reference Group and its partners as an aid for people living with diabetes and their families. This guide covers a variety of topics such as diabetes management, healthy eating, physical activity and foot care.  http://bit.ly/1tO2QDz

Yukon Diabetes Strategy Renewal—Strategic Response to Diabetes

This report contains strategies, services and resources for diabetes prevention and care. An effective response will support the well-being of people living with a risk of diabetes while minimizing long-term complications.  http://www.yukondiabetes.ca/assets/files/strategic-response.pdf

Yukon Health and Social Services

This is a government website that has plenty of information for Aboriginal people living with diabetes, especially in regard to medical services and diabetes resources that they can access in Yukon.  Toll-Free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408-ext:4.  http://www.hss.gov.yk.ca/

Yukon Publications on Healthy Living

The website provides various resources on healthy living and information on active lifestyle for Aboriginal people living with diabetes and for health care professionals working to minimize the impact of diabetes.  http://www.hss.gov.yk.ca/

Nutrition Publications and Resources

This website provides information and resources on nutrition for Aboriginal people who live with a chronic disease such as diabetes.  http://www.hss.gov.yk.ca/nutrition.php

On the Path Together—Wellness Plan for Yukon’s Children and Families

This is a great resource to help Yukon children and families live a healthier life. There is no better focus than supporting families and communities to raise healthier and happier children.  http://www.yukonwellness.ca/pdf/wellnessplan.pdf

Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY)

RPAY is a not-for-profit organization that works in partnership with Yukon groups, agencies, and individuals to promote and support healthier, active lifestyles in Yukon. Established in 1993, RPAY has grown from a small volunteer board to a staff of four. The Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon is a group of individuals who empower Yukon’s people and communities to adopt healthier lifestyles.  Tel: (867) 668-3010, Toll-Free: 1-866-961-WALK (9255).  https://www.rpay.ca/

Physical Activity, Nutrition, Healthy Weights

Sport Yukon

Sport Yukon is a not-for-profit organization run by a volunteer board of directors. Its member organizations are territorial sport governing bodies, clubs and associations who offer a variety of sport, recreation and other community based programs. Sport Yukon is an organization that enhances opportunities for all people of Yukon in their pursuit of excellence and in their enjoyment of participation.  Tel: (867) 668-4236.  http://www.sportyukon.com/

Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle (YASC)

YASC is a Whitehorse based not-for-profit society dedicated to the advancement of Aboriginal recreation and sport in Yukon. They provide support to Aboriginal athletes as well as Arctic Sports, Dene Games, Archery and Lacrosse activities in Whitehorse but also in all of the Yukon communities.  Tel: (867) 668-2840.  http://www.yasc.ca/

Yukon Food for Learning Association (YFFLA)

YFFLA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the nutritional needs of the youth & the community of Yukon. YFFLA vision is a Yukon where every student has access to nutritious healthy food while at school. YFFLA supports school-based nutrition programs and encourages lifelong healthy eating programs.  Tel: (867) 393-6902.  http://www.yukonfoodforlearning.ca/

Yukon Grown

This website provides information and resources on improving food security in Yukon by growing fruit and vegetables indoors and outdoors and working with Yukon organic farmers.  http://yukongrown.yukonfood.com/

Yukon Hand Games Society

The Annual Yukon Hand Games Tournament continues to promote the sport of hand games in Yukon and provides an opportunity for competition for both youth and adults.

Vice President Theresa Sidney Tel: (867) 333-9427, Email: mrsgsidney@hotmail.com

Yukon Nutrition Programs

This website provides information on various resources and teaching tools available to educate the general public of Yukon on nutrition and healthy eating practices.  http://www.hss.gov.yk.ca/nutrition.php

QuitPath to Smoking

QuitPath is here to help you quit smoking. Whether you’re considering quitting smoking, or have made the decision to quit smoking already, the help you are looking for is right here!  http://www.quitpath.ca/

Whitehorse Tel: (867) 667-8393, Toll-Free: 1-866-221-8393

Heart and Stroke Foundation – BC and Yukon

The Heart & Stroke Foundation has been promoting heart health and preventing heart disease for the citizens of Yukon through awareness and education. They provide many resources on improving heart health and living a healthier lifestyle. Tel: (778) 372-8000, Toll-Free: 1-888-473-4636.  http://bit.ly/1etgqIU

Tobacco, Smoking & Diabetes, Mental Health, Foot Care, Kidney Health, Healthy Heart

Yukon First Nation Mental Wellness Workbook

The workbook is divided into eight sections. Each section has tools that you can print out and use for case management, client assessment, planning programs, and writing proposals. The work sheets are designed to be copied or modified to best suit the needs of individual First Nations people.  http://bit.ly/15R8TmW

Salt Shake Up

Sodium is an essential nutrient that is found in table salt and many other foods. However, we only need a small amount of sodium to regulate fluids and blood pressure, and to keep muscles and nerves running smoothly. This resource teaches about optimal consumption of sodium without overindulging.  http://www.yukonwellness.ca/saltshakeup.php#.VIDYj3vG-ws

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The NADA & IDHC webinars are back in action!

Please join us for the next National Aboriginal Diabetes Association and Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle webinar on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at 12:00PM central.

This webinar will feature T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss, known as “The Indigenous Plant Diva”. T’uy’t’tanat is from the Squamish First Nation and is a media artist, cultural facilitator, and ethno-botanist, traditionally trained in this field by Elders. Her work involves site-specific and culturally focused teaching with storytelling as her means to sharing knowledge. T’uy’t’tanat was named the 2018 Indigenous storyteller in residence at the Vancouver Public Library, and is known for her ‘plant walks’ in Stanley Park. Cease Wyss and Anne Riley are embarking on a City of Vancouver public art collaboration to remediate various sites around the city that are affected by toxins in different ways, using plants, mulch and myco-remediation techniques and Indigenous methods of sustainable agriculture.

T’uy’t’tanat grew up learning about the plant foods and medicines of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Living in the city of Vancouver, T’uy’t’tanat is used to practising her culture in an urban environment; growing, harvesting and teaching about the Indigenous plants of this rainforest ecosystem, and offers a beautiful vision of how to learn from the land and the plant teachers all around us. T’uy’t’tanat will share her knowledge of plants – both food and medicinal plants of the Pacific Northwest coast. T’uy’t’tanat started Harmony Garden with the guidance and feedback of her Elders. It is a community garden and food forest, with the aim of sustaining the Skwxwu7mesh people in the community. Located on the Xwemelch'stn Uximixw, also known as the Capilano Reserve, T’uy’t’tanat urges community members to participate in the land based learning that happens there. "I do it all for the children. They are our future." To register for the webinar, please visit the following link:
  • OCN! Please join us for National Aboriginal Diabetes Awareness Day on May 3 2019!
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  • May 3rd is National Aboriginal Diabetes Awareness Day!

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