NADA & SOADI & ANN Food Guide Survey

NADA & SOADI & ANN Food Guide Survey

NADA & SOADI & ANN Food Guide Survey

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Food Guide Survey

The * Aboriginal Nutrition Network of Dietitians of Canada (ANN), the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association (NADA) and the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (SOADI) * are encouraging you to have your voice heard. We know that it has been more than challenging to address the issue of nutrition and chronic disease in our Indigenous Nations across Turtle Island. We are committed to working with the federal government to sustaina relationship moving forward that supports a consultation process
that includes you!

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide, a policy and education tool whose purpose is to define and promote healthy eating for Canadians is in need of some revisions, as Health Canada has determined the current format of Canada’s Food Guide isn’t meeting the needs of all audiences and some users have difficulty understanding and applying some of the recommendations.

The Federal role of Dietary Guidance is to provide:

1. Regulation and Standards on Nutrition Labeling, Health claims… for example fat free or low sodium, food fortification such as adding vitamin D to milk, iron to cereal and folic acid to flour and Nutrient content information like the dietary reference intakes

2. Programs and services like the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program and Tailored Food Guide; First Nations, Inuit and Métis

3. Communication of Health Eating Information though initiatives such as Eat Well Plate, the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign and Eat Well Be Active.

What is our role?

As stakeholders; those who implement dietary guidelines at the
provincial/territorial and regional government levels, health professional, academics, non-governmental organizations, and front line wellness workers, we can help Health Canada support us in establishing school and community initiative food guidelines, planning and assessment of dietary intake of groups and individuals we service, providing adequate food subsidies for remote communities, the development of resources that can help us to target specific nutritional needs for our clients, research to assess the dietary intake and environment of populations, and to help re-formulate products to meet the needs and be accessible to all our Nations. We need to have our voices heard.

By sharing our front line experience, we can help the federal government meet the needs and supports required to be a healthy well-balanced Nation.

To have *Health Canada *hear your voice please visit:

The Health Canada consultation process is available to everyone until December 8th, so we encourage every one of our Nation members to share their nutrition needs today.


ann-graphic-1soadi-logoAs an added incentive, *ANN, NADA and SOADI* are asking you to share your thoughts with us also. We will be running a like, share and speak contest to help as many Nations provide *US* with feedback to *US *on *OUR* own survey.

Please visit this link and speak to us by filling our this short survey:

(if this link does not directly link you to the web survey when you click on it please highlight it with your mouse and right click and scroll down to “go to” )

Or Click here to visit our Facebook page where you will find more details and the survey:

We are the organizations and community members that are on the front lines of wellness in our Indigenous Nations and we need to hear from you.

On January 31, 2017, we will choose a winner from those of you that share, like and complete the online survey.

In addition to us hearing directly from you we will be randomly choosing winners for great prizes like soapstone carving(s), traditional rattle(s), walking poles and cash prizes!!

Like and Share winners will be contacted through Facebook so ensure that your privacy setting are appropriate to participate. Survey takers who provide us with their full contact information will be put into a draw for a grand prize!

So speak up today and tell your FOOD STORY to help us design a wellness path that will support our Indigenous Nations today.

Trehs Nya:weh for your support!

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