New McGill University Health Centre Study

New McGill University Health Centre Study

New McGill University Health Centre Study

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A new study on Type 1 Diabetes based at the McGill University Health Centre:

The study trying to figure out what proportion of young Canadian people (ages 14-24) with type 1 diabetes experience judgement by others due to their disease.

Experiencing judgement by others in this life period may be especially hurtful and may have bad effects on taking care of type 1 diabetes. This may lead to important medical problems like dangerously low or high blood sugar values. By understanding how common it is, we can figure out the need for programs and strategies to deal with it.

The online questionnaire will ask participants to fill out will include questions about their general sense of well-being, their habits and behaviours, their blood sugar control, including frequency of both lows and highs as well as some open-ended questions so that they may express in more detail the experience of having Type 1 Diabetes and approaches to deal with misperceptions of others.
The information will be used to:

(1) calculate the proportion of young people with Type 1 Diabetes who experience stigma;
(2) figure out what factors and behaviours might predict or signal the experience of stigma;
(3) see if there is a link between stigma and A1C control and/or frequent lows by report;
(4) explore challenges and solutions voiced through the open-ended questions.

It is a study that is funded by the CDA.

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