October 2017 WEBINAR: The Sandy Lake First Nation Health and Diabetes Program

October 2017 WEBINAR: The Sandy Lake First Nation Health and Diabetes Program

October 2017 WEBINAR: The Sandy Lake First Nation Health and Diabetes Program

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October 2017: The Sandy Lake First Nation Health and Diabetes Program

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-sandy-lake-first-nation-health-and-diabetes-program-tickets-39127659884

In this webinar, Gary Manoakeesic and Elliot Fiddler from the Diabetes Prevention Program in Sandy Lake First Nation in Ontario, will be speaking on The Sandy Lake First Nation: Health and Diabetes Program.  Sandy Lake First Nation is located approximately 260 kms North from Red Lake, Ont.  It is an isolated fly-in community with a population of 3,900 people.

Gary has been working with the Sandy Lake Health Authority for 11 years.  The last 8 years he has been with the diabetes prevention program.  He has been married for 27 years and has 4 children and 3 grandchildren.  Although he has worked in many fields, right now his work is in the preventing and managing of diabetes among the people in Sandy Lake.  Elliot has been working with Sandy Lake Health and Diabetes Projects since Nov, 20th, 2015.  They love what they do.

They will be speaking on their work in the community.  They are concerned with thinking ahead for the next generation to Eat Right, Be Active and Think Positive.  They stress the importance of listening and working with each in person in a way that suits that person’s needs.  This builds bridges and improves the chance of people participating in events and programs.  The Diabetes Prevention Program gives the people the chance and choices that they can fit into their lifestyles.

Gary wears many hats in the organizations, supporting new ideas with volunteers such as diabetes curricula in elementary schools, the running club, gardeners’ groups, chickens for eggs, the hockey program and radio shows.  Elliot’s duties include creating activities for the community such as cooking classes, the harvesting and preparation of traditional foods, hiking to gather traditional roots and so forth.   They work in partnership with other groups, such as Sandy Lake Diabetes and Sandy Lake Education to promote healthy lifestyles.  They also work in coordination with The Aboriginal Diabetes Initiatives (ADI), and Nutrition North Canada (NNC) – Nutrition Education Initiatives.

The webinar will be broadcast in coordination with Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle (IDHC, formerly SOADI) and Pathways Partners for Engagement and Knowledge Exchange (PEKE) The webinar will air live Thursday, October 26th, 2017 at 11 central time.

Missed the webinar? You can view it here: https://soadi.adobeconnect.com/pe3vhdpd5qrt/

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