iCARE Patient Advisory Group Video

iCARE Patient Advisory Group Video

iCARE Patient Advisory Group Video

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iCARE Patient Advisory Group

The patient advisory group was created from participants that took part in the iCARE study. This group includes not only patients, who are youth living with type 2 diabetes, but also parents/caregivers. This group was created to provide direction for this research team and helped to establish the importance of mental health and its effect on type 2 diabetes, which otherwise may not have been explored. This group has also provided a safe place for members to share their feelings and struggles of having type 2 diabetes.

Most recently this group has worked together to create a video on what it is like to live with Type 2 Diabetes. Watch below or visit the CHRIM YouTube page.

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  • 18th B.C. Aboriginal Diabetes Conference
Diabetes: Sharing is caring
March 18-21, 2019 Penticton Lakeside Resort and Conference Centre, Penticton, BC
  • This year's "Your Health Matters" Calendar is a product partnership between the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association and the Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario (ISWO) 
The National Aboriginal Diabetes Association and Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario (ISWO) have partnered to develop the 2019 Your Health Matters Calendar. ISWO has shared pictures and information about a number of Indigenous athletes who are Wellness Warriors and have taken part in the "Wellness Warrior"campaign, developed by Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario. Though sharing about their paths and journeys, the athletes in the calendar hope to inspire and influence others to get involved in sport and physical activity. 
As with previous NADA calendars, each day on the calendar has three spots to record blood sugar levels if you are a person living with diabetes and conducting regular tests. Self-testing your blood sugar (blood glucose) can be an important tool in managing your treatment plan and preventing long-term complications of diabetes. 
All the best in 2019!
Please visit www.nada.ca for calendar order forms. #nonprofit
  • Happy Holidays! From the board of directors and staff of the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association. #community #nonprofit

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