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This year’s “Your Health Matters” Calendar is a product of partnership between the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association and the Aboriginal Nutrition Network of the Dietitians of Canada.

The calendar features Haudenosaunee and Mi’Kmaq-related recipes using traditional foods and traditional means of preparation, along with traditional teachings that inform the procurement of and respect for the plants and animals. As a means of preventing diabetes and other chronic disease, consumption of traditional and less-processed foods provides essential nutrients and healthier ways of eating, as well as connecting to culture and honouring our ancestors.

The calendar starts in February, to reflect the “new year” in Haudenosaune culture, February is the time of year when we honour our ancestors and their knowledge passed on to us to help us survive another year through the winter season. We look forward to the spring season upon us and gather to share food, song and ceremony.  Ogwaya’dadohéhsdoh: in the Cayuga language means “It Aligns Our Body” representing the balance that each season provides for us and our relationship with food and water. The seasonal food guide is a Haudenosaunee representation of how you can choose to eat and harvest foods in your Nations. Think about the foods and ceremonies that are happening in your Nations and map them out in a seasonal fashion utilizing the four directions, medicines, life cycles and food availability. You can focus your monthly events or outings to honor one or two of the prominent foods in your Nation.

As with previous NADA calendars, each day on the calendar has three spots to record blood sugar levels if you are a person living with diabetes and conducting regular tests. Self-testing your blood sugar (blood glucose) can be an important tool in managing your treatment plan and preventing long-term complications of diabetes.

Many thanks to Teri Morrow, RD, and Melissa Hardy, RD, of the Aboriginal Nutrition Network (ANN) for all their hard work and dedication on the calendar. They volunteered countless hours to put this project together in a short 2 months. All of the content, including the seasonal food guide, recipes and photography was contributed by the ANN.

The calendar was designed by local Métis graphic designer, Colourblind Graphic Design.

Trehs Nya:weh, Welalin, Merci

To order copies of the calendar, please complete the order form: 2017_YHM_ORDER_FORM

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The NADA & IDHC webinars are back in action!

Please join us for the next National Aboriginal Diabetes Association and Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle webinar on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at 12:00PM central.

This webinar will feature T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss, known as “The Indigenous Plant Diva”. T’uy’t’tanat is from the Squamish First Nation and is a media artist, cultural facilitator, and ethno-botanist, traditionally trained in this field by Elders. Her work involves site-specific and culturally focused teaching with storytelling as her means to sharing knowledge. T’uy’t’tanat was named the 2018 Indigenous storyteller in residence at the Vancouver Public Library, and is known for her ‘plant walks’ in Stanley Park. Cease Wyss and Anne Riley are embarking on a City of Vancouver public art collaboration to remediate various sites around the city that are affected by toxins in different ways, using plants, mulch and myco-remediation techniques and Indigenous methods of sustainable agriculture.

T’uy’t’tanat grew up learning about the plant foods and medicines of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Living in the city of Vancouver, T’uy’t’tanat is used to practising her culture in an urban environment; growing, harvesting and teaching about the Indigenous plants of this rainforest ecosystem, and offers a beautiful vision of how to learn from the land and the plant teachers all around us. T’uy’t’tanat will share her knowledge of plants – both food and medicinal plants of the Pacific Northwest coast. T’uy’t’tanat started Harmony Garden with the guidance and feedback of her Elders. It is a community garden and food forest, with the aim of sustaining the Skwxwu7mesh people in the community. Located on the Xwemelch'stn Uximixw, also known as the Capilano Reserve, T’uy’t’tanat urges community members to participate in the land based learning that happens there. "I do it all for the children. They are our future." To register for the webinar, please visit the following link:
  • OCN! Please join us for National Aboriginal Diabetes Awareness Day on May 3 2019!
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  • May 3rd is National Aboriginal Diabetes Awareness Day!

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